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Name:James H. Stark
Birthdate:May 23
Location:United States of America
{James H. Stark}
it's a hard life, really not!
Name: James Howard Stark
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bi-romantic, asexual
Played By: Zac Efron

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 152lbs
Build: Fit, atheletic
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Blue

Likes: Cars, computers, loyalty, attention, sports, The Avengers.
Dislikes: Rain, chauvinists, the bad guys, being trapped indoors.
Hobbies: Anything to do with technology, swimming, basketball, photography.
Personality: James is a combination of both parents; friendly, open, polite, loyal, loud, witty and even possesses the slightest hint of vanity. He's not afraid of being in the spotlight, so long as he gets some time to himself.
James Howard Stark is the 18-year-old son of Stephanie Rogers and Tony Stark. Taking after both parents in many ways, James possesses his father's intelligence and his mother's 'supersoldier' abilities, Tony's wit and Stephanie's leadership skills, and uses both to get his way.

He can be a bit of a brat, which stems muchly from being rather spoiled growing up, but that has never affected his ability to use his manners where they're needed and despite his constant teasing and boundary pushing, Jamie knows when enough is enough.

Amongst many things, James inherited his father's aversion to being handed things and his addiction to coffee, and relies on the substance to make it through the day as much as Tony himself does. He also believes vegetables are the thing of the devil. He's also extremely loyal, and his mumma taught him how to be polite and respectful of others

Electronics fascinate him, and it's not an uncommon thing to find him pulling apart numerous bits of equipment and putting them back together in new (and improved) things.
MUM & DAD. AU information
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